Crew Management

At Sealife Shipmanagement, we offer a comprehensive crew management service that includes training, testing, selection, recruitment, continuous development, and management of seafarers. With many years of experience, our large pool of crew contacts now contains information about more than 5,000 seafarers for different types of vessels.

All selected seafarers are certified according to STCW Convention, including 2010 Manila Amendments and the requirements of Flag administrations. They are well-trained, educated, and suitable for work at sea. To ensure the best performance, we have very strict standards for selecting seafarers based on competency, skills, command of English, and previous experience.

Our Crew Management package includes the following services:

  • Recruitment, deployment, management, and performance appraisal of all required ranks
  • Travel arrangements for joining and repatriation
  • Personnel certificate monitoring
  • Medical fitness testing, and drug and alcohol policy implementation and monitoring
  • Crew P&I insurance cover and claims handling
  • Supply of uniform and working gear
  • A proactive and rewarding crew welfare system
  • Marine superintendent visits to include monitoring of crew performance and morale
  • Employment contract management service

We understand the importance of having a competent and reliable crew to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your vessel. Contact us to learn more about our Crew Management services and how we can help you.