Safety & Environmental Policy

At Sealife Shipping, our mission is to provide safe and environmentally-friendly ship management services with zero accidents and spills.

To achieve this goal, we:

  • Comply with all applicable national and international maritime legislation and regulations related to safety and environmental protection.
  • Assess all risks to our ships, personnel, and the environment, and establish appropriate safeguards.
  • Establish procedures to prevent the loss of human life, personal injury, and environmental damage.
  • Employ competent and qualified crew who are capable of effectively executing safety and environmental protection measures as defined in our operating procedures.
  • Ensure that all vessels are adequately manned and crewed with personnel experienced in the type of vessel.
  • Provide our employees with information, equipment, and training to execute safe and environmentally-friendly operations.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of shipboard safety and environmental performance and related procedures.
  • Promote a safe, healthy workplace and environment for our employees both ashore and afloat, aiming to eliminate work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Utilize accident and pollution prevention measures, conducting investigations of shipboard accidents and incidents and implementing recommendations to prevent re-occurrences.
  • Maintain contingency plans for emergency situations.
  • Regularly review our policies, procedures, and incidents to continuously improve our safety management skills.